[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.0pre2 Released

Alex Lancaster alexl at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Sep 6 08:11:11 UTC 2009

>>>>> Robby Stephenson  writes:

> Hi everyone,
> Tellico 2.0pre2 is available at
> http://tellico-project.org/files/tellico-2.0pre2.tar.bz2

> Since version 2.0pre1 was released, the following changes have been made:

>     * The dependency on the QCA2 library was removed. It is no longer 
> necessary for running Amazon searches.
>     * Default fields for entry creation and modification date were added.
>     * The documentation was updated.
>     * A bug that caused a crash with some large images was fixed.
>     * HTML export was fixed to include correct image location.
>     * A crashing bug when creating loans was fixed.
>     * Saving the visible columns and ordering was fixed.

> Bang on it as much as you like, please backup your data. Send your
> issues to the mailing list.

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for making the pre-release 2 available for testing.  I got the
code compiled on a Fedora 11 machine against kdelibs 4.3.0-6.fc11 (I'm
a co-maintainer of the package for Fedora).  Most things work fine,
but I am having some issues:

1. I recently got my CueCat barcode scanner (which was gathering dust
   in a closet) working for scanning for the ISBN.  It's a
   non-"defanged" one, meaning that it needs the parsing code to get
   the ISBN number.  This works well when using the entry box and
   searching against Amazon or LOC.  But when I attempt to use the
   CueCat in the "multiple ISBN" dialog tellico doesn't apparently
   decode the the CueCat output into an ISBN, it actually causes the
   multiple entry dialog to either disappear or fill with garbage.
   This severely hampers the speedy scanning of a large library (which
   I'm attempt to do) as you have to scan, add, scan add, etc.  rather
   than adding a stack of books, say, batches of 10 or 20.

2. When I choose a title in the list and right-click to update from a
   source, say, Amazon, the information in the lower pane doesn't
   update immediately, you have to mouse off the entry and back to it
   to see the updates.  This leads to user confusion as to whehter the
   update was actually performed.  I actually tried updating a title
   multiple times, thinking it wasn't working, then discovered it was
   by unselecting and then reselection the entry.

On other issues, not strictly bugs per se, more RFEs for down the

1. I notice that fields never appear to auto-complete.  For example, I
   added a new field "Purchase Location" for bookstore or city in
   which I purchase a book.  I'm so used to this in other
   applications, that I expected that the field would autocomplete
   with previous entries for that field, to save retyping the name of
   cities etc. but it does not.  Does this feature exist for some
   fields, has it ever been considered for tellico?

2. The "Purchase Date" field appears to be free-form text, it doesn't
   attempt to validate the date in any way, is there anyway to enable
   this, does it need to be implemented?  It would be nice for all a
   date typed in as, say, "6 sep 2009" to be magically formatted as
   2009-09-06.  This would allow more standardized searching and the
   ability to create filters such as: finding all books for which
   "Purchase Date is between 2000-02-01 and 2009-03-27".

Thanks for the very nice piece of software, I about to attempt to
follow what this author did here:



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