[Tellico-users] Webcam barcode scanning

Rory Verleysen rory.verleysen at telenet.be
Thu Oct 29 18:05:18 UTC 2009


There exists no documentation considering this subject.
All v4l capable video devices should be supported, please do take into account 
you'll need a webcam which can focus.

To compile with webcam support use ccmake (as stated before in this thread) & 
make sure the ENABLE_WEBCAM option is set to ON. Recompile afterwards.
You'll need the libv4l* & libksane* packages.

Afterwards when running Tellico make sure your webcam device is plugged in & 
available. If so, when opening the Internet Search dialog a new dialog will 
appear showing your webcams output, also a thread is started, taking images 
from the video & attempting to recognise the barcode.

Hope this helps somewhat.


On Thursday 29 October 2009 17:51:49 Morten Bo Johansen wrote:
> Sebastian Held <sebastian at bildungsdoku-gabi.de> wrote:
> > you need to explicitly enable the webcam support (it is experimental
> > code). Try to use ccmake instead of cmake (I do not remember the
> > correct name of the option).
> Is there some documentation somewhere on how this is supposed to work
> from and end user's point of view? I could not find anything in the
> tellico handbook. What webcams are supported? My superficial
> understanding is that any webcam supported by v4l will work. I have
> compiled tellico from svn and enabled webcam and v4l support. I believe
> barcode support is compiled in:
>    $ strings /opt/kde4/bin/tellico | grep barcode
>    barcodeRecognition::barcodeRecognitionThread
>    barcode
>    N18barcodeRecognition24barcodeRecognitionThreadE
>    B/home/mojo/src/kde/extragear/office/tellico/src/barcode/barcode_v4l.cpp
>    bool barcodeRecognition::barcode_v4l::grab_init()
>    QImage barcodeRecognition::barcode_v4l::grab_one2()
> I plug in my webcam which works fine with mplayer, I fire up tellico and
> activate the isbn search dialog. Nothing happens. What am I supposed to
> do?
> Thanks,
> Morten
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