[Tellico-users] Sharing a tellico file between Tellico 1.3.3 and Tellico 2.0

Charles de Miramon cmiramon at kde-france.org
Fri Oct 9 13:17:34 UTC 2009

Regis Boudin wrote:

> Building Tellico 2.0 on Debian stable would be quite tricky. Lenny only
> has KDE 4.1, and Tellico depends on 4.2 (might work, though). And you
> won't get CDDB access or kdepim integration either, since kdepim and
> kdemultimedia have been kept in version 3.5 there. Overall it's of course
> possible (everything is), but you will probably end up backporting most of
> the kde4 libraries...

Yes. You are right. I'll wait to see if Robby has a workaround or I'll 
create an unstable chroot on my laptop.

Thanks for the Debian package Régis.


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