[Tellico-users] Sorting book titles

D. Neve djn at microtec.fr
Fri Oct 9 12:02:33 UTC 2009


I have a simple question for you, please.  I'm using Tellico 1.3.5 
(using KDE 3.5.10) under Gnome on a Ubuntu 9.04 installation.  When I 
display the titles the articles "The" and "Le" are not sorted apart from 
the main title of the book and this makes finding a book extremely 
difficult and tedious.

This happens even though I have these words listed in the "Formatting 
Options" section of the "Cofiguration" section of Tellico.  The only 
workaround I have found is to go into "General Options" and delete a 
word, then click "OK" and _usually_ this causes the file to reload 
properly.  Why is this, am I doing something wrong, and if so, what can 
I do to change it?

(This always used to work properly for me.)

Thank you very much,

Derrick Neve

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