[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.0 in Gnome?

Richard Curley mcurley at eol.ca
Wed Oct 7 23:55:26 UTC 2009

On October 6, 2009 06:48:57 pm nelamvr6 wrote:
> I'm really excited to learn that Tellico 2.0 has been released, I've
> really missed being able to search Amazon.
> But I must confess that I've not been able to install it in Mint 7
> Gloria since I'm using Gnome.
> Is there anyone who could point me in the right direction?  I would
> really appreciate it.

Not obvious that you need to installing KDE development libraries?

Merv Curley
Toronto, Ont.Can

Linux    Debian  Lenny-2
KDE    v. 3.5.10
Kmail  v. 1.9.9

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