[Tellico-users] tellico, ubuntu and citations in openoffice

Frank Wolff wolff at bundism.net
Mon Nov 30 08:50:28 UTC 2009

Dear Robby and all the others,

I am running a bibliography with tellico 1.3.5 and Openoffice 3.1.0
under ubuntu 9.04. For my reasons tellico is just a brilliant tool!
Thanks fpr writing it. I've been using tellico for years, but citing is
a real plague. Today I gave the openoffice export another try: I wish to
cite an entry from the bibliography in openoffice. The button in tellico
is black, but if I click on "Cite Entry in OpenOffice.org" nothing
happens. For some reasons the citation won't appear in openoffice. Why? 

Basically: What do I have to do in order to make it appear? I am really
sorry for posting such a stupid question but I can't find an answer

Thanks for every answer in advance.


Frank Wolff
<frank.wolff at uni-bielefeld.de>
<wolff at bundism.net>

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