[Tellico-users] Tellico for Windows anyone?

Regis Boudin regis at boudin.name
Tue Nov 24 16:06:14 UTC 2009


Guess that one is for me, then (no, don't just make the Debian packages).

On Tue, November 24, 2009 15:56, threerandot wrote:
> I would like to see Tellico developed for Windows if Possible. It is a
> great
> program and would really help expand its popularity if it were installable
> in windows. Perhaps it could even be developed as an executalbe exe file
> that doesn't need to install in Windows?
> Has anyone had any success here installing Tellico in Windows? I know that
> I
> you can install KDE for Windows and it would be nice if Tellico could be
> installed that way.

I've been doing some work for this, but Tellico so far definitely doesn't
work on Windows. I already run into trouble when compiling it which
require manual modification of some cmake-generated files, on top of some
code modifications ; and when I start it, it crashes as soon as I try to
save a new/modified entry. But I did get it to compile and start. Don't
expect to install it on your machine in the near future, though...


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