[Tellico-users] sorting and formatting

Thomas Ronayne trona at ameritech.net
Sun Nov 8 13:57:45 UTC 2009

tellico-users-request at kde.org wrote:
> Hey,

> So my questions are:
> 1) Would you expect the title sorting to ignore articles like "the" even 
> when auto-formatting is turned off?
Yeah, I kind of would; my library consists of 1,150 distinct titles 
(more than a few representing multi-volume sets) and there are quite a 
few "The's" in there and, mostly, the-something-or-other doesn't make a 
lot of sense when you're searching for a title. You know, think 
old-fashioned index cards down at the library.
> 2) After fixing the name formatting, the sorting will follow whether or not 
> auto-formatting is on, is that what you would expect? Or should it match the 
> title sorting?
Hmm. I pretty much expect that name sorting would be based on parsing 
for a comma no matter what.
> 3) Does everything work as you expect it to for other languages?
> My inclination is to make the sorting match what is displayed. That is, if 
> the auto-format is on, then sorting is based on the formatted values. If it 
> is not on, then sorting is based on whatever was entered, either directly by 
> the user or from the data source.
I was perfectly happy with the way Tellico handled names and titles in 
versions 1.x; everything made sense, looked "proper," and all was right 
with the world. I'm thinking about the way I was taught to order names 
and titles and subjects in school (hey, about 50 years ago, but there 
your are). Seemed like a good thing then, still does, methinks.

Hope this helps some.

Oh, by the way, you're making an excellent product and is useful in so 
many ways; a real pleasure to have and use. Don't beat yourself up (or 
let anybody else, either).


A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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