[Tellico-users] Modifying data for a lot of items at once is slow

Marc Cousin cousinmarc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 10:54:16 UTC 2009


First, thanks for tellico, I've been using it for a few years and like it a 

As I like it a lot, I decided to extend it's usage from my movies collection 
to another kind of collection :
I'm trying to use tellico to index a bunch of cds and dvds.

Loading and saving is reasonably fast for what I'm doing (around 100,000 
files on a few tens of cds and dvds).

The problem is with the indexation itself :

To add a new set of files, I put a dvd in the machine, then 
File/Import/Import File Listing

Indexation itself is quite fast too (around 20 seconds), no complain here 
either :)

The problem is that usually volume name isn't what I would have liked. So I 
then have to selects all new files, and edit them, then set the new volume 
name. And then saving the volume name for 1000 entries takes around 3 to 
5 minutes (on an intel Core 2 quad…)

I understand that it must be a corner case, but except for this little detail, 
tellico is perfectly suitable for maintaining 100,000 files in a collection.

Another nice option would be to be able to specify the volume name when adding 
a set of files.

What do you think ?

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