[Tellico-users] Error with some of my images

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sat Aug 29 01:18:51 UTC 2009

On Saturday 22 August 2009, Matthew Soffen (tellico) wrote:
> > On Friday 21 August 2009, Matthew Soffen (tellico) wrote:
> >> I'm trying to do updates on some of my older records (from the old
> >> 1.3.5 file) and I'm having it crash with the following error:
> >>
> >> tellico(22066) Tellico::ImageFactory::addCachedImageImpl: Image cache
> >> is unable to hold the image, it might be too big!
> >
> > Does it tell you how big in the output? The default is 10 MB. That's
> > the size of the images kept in memory. Whenever possible, Tellico tries
> > to read
> > from the disk if the image is saved elsewhere. Normally, it just needs
> > a thumbnail anyway.m
> Nope.  That is it.  No indication what the size was either

OK, I figured out why it was crashing. I think I fixed that, so it should 
just show a warning without crashing. I also bumped the default cache size 
up to 16 MB.


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