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patrick guignot patrick_guignot at yahoo.fr
Tue Aug 25 18:51:12 UTC 2009


For point 1) there is no change in the html file generated by the Group view report if I put <xsl:param name="column-names" select="'foo bar'"/> in Group_View.xsl.
The html file generated still contains foo bar and baz....
But I've found a solution : In the Column View of Tellico if I disable baz (by right-clicking on the header of the view in order to open the menu and deselecting the baz field) then the html file generated by the report contains only foo and bar.

For point 2) It works perfectly.

Thanks for your answers Robby.


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On Sunday 23 August 2009, patrick guignot wrote:
> 1) In the file Group_View.xsl I can read this :
> <!-- To choose which fields of each entry are printed, change the
>      string to a space separated list of field names. To know what
>      fields are available, check the Tellico data file for <field>
>      elements. -->
> <xsl:param name="column-names" select="'title'"/>
> <xsl:variable name="columns" select="str:tokenize($column-names)"/>
> The comment says "change the string"...well yes but wich string ? I tried
> different things but failed. If I have a Tellico collection with 3 fields
> : foo, bar and baz and if I want a report with only foo and bar what is
> the syntax I must use ?

<xsl:param name="column-names" select="'foo bar'"/>

And note there are single-quotes inside the double-quotes. XSL requires that 
for string.

> 2) In the file Image_List.xsl there is a hardcoded title for the report :
> </style>
>    <title>Tellico</title>
>   </head>
> How can I use my collection title instead of this hardcoded value ?

  <xsl:value-of select="tc:collection/@title"/>

I should probably fix that.

I think those should work, I didn't test them yet.


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