[Tellico-users] KDE3 and secret key

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Fri Aug 21 14:47:17 UTC 2009

On Thursday 20 August 2009, nelamvr6 at inbox.com wrote:
> I have to respectfully disagree.  I really appreciate all the work you've
> done making this wonderful program.  But I think that the ability to
> search Amazon is a HUGE part of the functionality of this program.

Sure, I agree with that. I just mean "integral" as in "Tellico doesn't work 
if you don't have it", and I don't consider Amazon searching indispensable.

> I believe that you are seriously underestimating how important this is to
> your users, Tellico is essentially crippled for me now.  I use it to
> catalog all sorts of things.  I could handle typing in the title and
> author if all I was cataloging was books, but typing in each track on my
> CD collection would be far too time consuming.  Likewise my video
> collection requires more that simply a title, typing in the names of the
> director, cast members  etc. would take forever! Whereas with the ability
> to search Amazon all of this is accomplished automatically, as I'm sure
> you're aware.

Do the Discogs and IMDb searches work for you?

> It has become clear to me now that a large portion of the Internet is
> perhaps too dependent on Amazon.  This is troubling, and should
> definitely be addressed somehow, but at present there really is no other
> source that provides the information needed.

Well, yeah, but I'm not holding my breath. People have been saying that 
since Amazon started their API. 

> I respectfully urge you to reconsider backporting this capability, or if
> that is just out of the question then I would respectfully urge you to
> release the next version just as soon as possible.

I did find a simple implementation of the authentication scheme used for the 
amazon request. That might make it easier to backport to the KDE3 version.


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