[Tellico-users] KDE3 and secret key

Bob Apthorpe apthorpe at cynistar.net
Thu Aug 20 19:04:02 UTC 2009


Matthew Soffen (tellico) wrote:
> One major question I have about forcing people to sign up for their "free"
> AWS account (per the post from <a
> href="http://alexandria.rubyforge.org/news/2009-08-15--amazon-support.html">Alexandria</a>)...
>  Will Amazon start charging people for using their search
> feature/capabilities ?

My guess is that unless you're pounding their API or making money, they
won't care. Unless they start losing money and it's more profitable to
charge for API calls compared to turning off the public API to save
bandwidth charges. And even then, if that happened people would probably
go back to screen-scraping their web pages.

I don't mind signing up for API access, though I'd much rather get LoC
data via a Z39.50 gateway (I learned about those when messing with Koha.)

-- Bob

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