[Tellico-users] I spoke to soon. Error building pre release on Fedora 10.

Matthew Soffen (tellico) sirgeek-tellico at mrsucko.org
Thu Aug 20 04:29:44 UTC 2009

I hadn't realzied there is an issue.

When attempting to build tellico on a Fedora 10 machine, I recieved the
following error.

tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp:35:20: error: QtCrypto: No
such file or directory
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp: In constructor
'Tellico::Fetch::AmazonRequest::AmazonRequest(const KUrl&, const
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp:52: error: invalid use of
incomplete type 'struct QCA::Initializer'
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.h:33: error: forward declaration
of 'struct QCA::Initializer'
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp: In member function 'KUrl
Tellico::Fetch::AmazonRequest::signedRequest(const QMap<QString,
QString>&) const':
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp:59: error: 'isSupported' is
not a member of 'QCA'
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp:65: error: incomplete type
'QDateTime' used in nested name specifier
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp:86: error:
'MessageAuthenticationCode' is not a member of 'QCA'
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp:86: error: expected `;' before
tellico-2.0pre1/src/fetch/amazonrequest.cpp:87: error: 'hmac' was not
declared in this scope
make[2]: *** [src/fetch/CMakeFiles/fetch.dir/amazonrequest.o] Error 1

All the dependencies were found during the cmake process so I'm a bit
confused.   I'm a c programmer and can follow most c++ but I'm not a c++
programmer so I'm lost in how to solve this issue.

Any ideas ?

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