[Tellico-users] A few issues and comments

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Thu Aug 20 02:17:16 UTC 2009

Hi Peter,

On Tuesday 18 August 2009, Peter Mayes wrote:
> I've only just subscribed to this list, so hope these comments are
> helpful.

Sure, always glad to get comments.

> I used to use a version that I *think* came from the Dag Wieers
> repository, so was probably version 1.3.1. I found a CD which would
> reliable crash tellico on "Import Audio CD data". That was with Linux
> RHEL5.3. I recently started using Fedora 11 with KDE4. The version of
> Tellico with FC11 is 1.3.5, but it doesn't included CDDB lookup. So I
> downloaded and built tellico-2.0pre1. I now find that this version also
> crashes with the specific disk. (I checked with another package that a
> CDDB entry exists for the disk in question.) Please let me know what
> additional information I can supply if you want to try to investigate -
> happy to mail a copy of the CD if necessary.

I think I had a similar report a while back, and someone sent me the 
equivalent CDDB entry. But I was never able to reproduce the crash. Can you 
build with debug support and see if there's any output when you run the 
command-line? There are two parts to the CD lookup, one for the track info 
from CDDB and the other for the CD info on the disc itself. One or the other 
could be crashing...

I don't suppose you could get a backtrace could you? If you compile with 
debug support, and then Tellico crashes, the crash dialog should popup and 
ask about a backtrace...that would really be useful.

> A usage question - if I "Import Audio CD data", the new CD gets added to
> the collection, but is then hard to find (I normally edit the tags, as
> what is downloaded from the internet, particularly for classical music,
> is pretty poor much of the time). How can I easily locate a newly added
> entry?

It should be in bold, italic text. Also, if you have the new ID field shown, 
you could sort by ID and the new entry should be the largest value.

> What is the difference between replace/append/merge when importing CDs?

The Audio CD lookup is a bit quirky, as Tellico treats it as if you were 
importing data about a new collection from some other format. So replace 
means to delete your current collection and replace it with the new one you 
just imported. I don't think that's ever what you want when importing CD 
data. :/ Merge is the same as replace, except it checks to see if it already 
exists in your collection. I guess it might be better UI to show it as a 
checkbox instead of a third option...

> When I edit CD details, I noticed that the "Artist" field doesn't
> automatically complete with existing values, whereas "label" and
> "composer" does - is this by design? It is always mildly irritating.

Open the fields dialog and check if the "Enable auto-completion" got turned 
off for the artist field somehow.

> Thanks again for a very useful program - keep up the good work.


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