Taglib and my Kenwood Stereo

Scott Wheeler scott at taglib.org
Tue Feb 27 01:21:18 GMT 2024

> On Feb 27, 2024, at 00:07, Dale O Gjerding <daleway at frontier.com> wrote:
> The program works. All players I have tried display the front cover (without folder.jpg present in the folder). However, my Kenwood car stereo will not display the front cover. But if I add folder.jpg to the mp3 files using the program “Mp3tag”, the Kenwood stereo will display the front cover.

>  What am I missing?

My guess out of the blue is that Mp3Tag is writing ID3v2.3 tags, and TagLib ID3v2.4 tags, and your receiver doesn’t support ID3v2.4 tags (which came out 24 years ago, but still a few things don’t support).  Try looking up the tag info with TagLib’s “framelist” or something similar to see what the tags actually contain that work.  Otherwise we’ll all just be guessing at what your car stereo supports.

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