Is TagLib alive?

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On Jan 14, 2020, at 12:07, Scott Wheeler <scott at> wrote:

> My general opinion is that TagLib does need bug fixes, but that it doesn't need a lot of new development.  The project is 15 years old and has a fixed scope, so I see it more as "mature" rather than "dead".  ;-)

It would be great to see support for additional tagging schemas; CartChunk (aka AES46-2002, and Broadcast Wave File ( being two that come immediately to mind. I know that that CartChunk support has been discussed here before (see for example, but my understanding is that it has never happened due to the need to maintain a stable ABI within the larger KDE project.

Is this ABI compatibility requirement still operative? Would a PR that implements support for the two above tagging schemas be considered for inclusion in stock TagLib (perhaps as part of a new major version)?


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