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Fri Jan 6 06:57:03 UTC 2017


Using TagLib::File::properties(), some common tags such as GEOB are ignored
though they are within IDv2.3 spec.

My question is, when using TagLib::File, how can you get GEOB data as well
as it's content formatted for it's mime type? For this specific example I
have a GEOB with "application/octet-stream".

Would the correct approach be to use the codec specific classes to find a
GEOB frame, then parse over the GEOB data? GEOB has a standard format of
data, TagLib should support this but I see no example of it.

This question specifically is asking for an example of how to get GEOB
frames and it's data for any file type passed to it (Supporting ID3v2 or
not, as FLAC sometimes has ID3v2 frames).

Any example would be great. Previously to find this mailing list I had
posted to StackOverflow:

Specifically looking for C++ example.

Much appreciate any help available.
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