Compiling TagLib 1.11

Vladimír Jícha vladimir.jicha at
Thu Aug 18 16:19:34 UTC 2016


I have problems with current TagLib version. The first thing is that by 
default (unlike version 1.10) it compiles on Windows the static .a 
libraries not the .dll. And I could find a way how to change this from 

The more serious problem is that if I compile it using MinGW/GCC 5.3 
(from Qt 5.7 release), my application will crash right after start. Is 
it a compatibility problem with GCC 5? Qt switched from GCC 4.9 in 5.6 
to GCC 5.3 in Qt 5.7. The library compiled with GCC 4.9 crashes my app 
when I try to use it and as I already mentioned it crashes the program 
right after start if I recompile it using GCC 5.3.

Best regards,


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