TagLib 1.9.1 crash using C++11

Ibrahim Sha'ath ibrahimshaath at gmail.com
Sat May 30 11:58:15 UTC 2015

Hi there,

I have the following code to write to the Grouping field in an MP4 file:

TagLib::StringList sl(TagLib::String("data", TagLib::String::UTF8));

mp4File->tag()->itemListMap().insert("\251grp", sl);


Where mp4file is a TagLib::MP4::File. This code was working fine but now
crashes with a segfault; I've narrowed the change down to when I switched
my project to C++11 to rid myself of Boost.

The top of the crashed thread's stack (in OSX) reads as follows:
0 ... std::__1::__tree<std::__1::__value_type<TagLib::String,
TagLib::MP4::Item>, std::__1::__map_value_compare<TagLib::String,
std::__1::__value_type<TagLib::String, TagLib::MP4::Item>,
std::__1::less<TagLib::String>, true>,
TagLib::MP4::Item> >
std::__1::__tree_node_base<void*>*&, std::__1::__tree_node_base<void*>*) +
1 ... std::__1::map<TagLib::String, TagLib::MP4::Item,
std::__1::allocator<std::__1::pair<TagLib::String const, TagLib::MP4::Item>
> >::operator[](TagLib::String const&) + 205
2 ... TagLib::Map<TagLib::String, TagLib::MP4::Item>::insert(TagLib::String
const&, TagLib::MP4::Item const&) + 71
3   ...

Has anyone had a similar experience? Is this expected with C++11, or is
there some way around it?

Any help appreciated.
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