wav file more than 2GB can't be read in 32 bit operation system

Tsuda Kageyu tsuda.kageyu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 11:31:10 UTC 2015

Hi Jingbo,

It's a limitation by design. TagLib handles the length and offset of files
with the type *long*. So it can handle large files (larger than 2GB) only
in which *long* is 64-bit like GCC on 64-bit Linux. For most 32-bit
compilers, *long* is 32-bit and TagLib can't handle large files.

In taglib2 branch, we have made some changes to remove the limitation. It
handles the length and offset of files with *long long* which is 64-bit in
most systems.


2015-12-23 12:24 GMT+09:00 Zhang, Jingbo <jingbo.zhang at auralic.com>:

> sorry to bother you, but this problem has bother me a couple of days.
> When I compile taglib in 64 bit operation system, it can read wav file
> more than 2GB.
> But when I compile taglib in 32 bit operation system, it can't.
> STRING "compile flags" FORCE)" in top of CMakeLists.txt, And the file
> "taglib\CMakeFiles\tag.dir\flags.make" has "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64" in
> "CXX_FLAGS", but it can't work.
> So I am helpless in it.
> Thanks a lot!
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