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Harley Derpson harleyderpson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 18:29:46 UTC 2014

I'm writing a program in C# to tidy up the song information presented by

The problem now is that I don't know how to address the "Remixed By/
Modified By" field through TagLib. When I check the possibilities of an
TagLib instance (track.Tag.[options]), no suitable option is present.

I read up about ID3, and I think frame TPE4 is my guy. But I have no idea
how to address iy.

The end goal is to take a filename, split it up in three strings (Artist,
title and remixer) and write that information to the ID3 tags.

I've been successful as far as title and artist are concerned. Here is the code
that does that:

TagLib.File track = TagLib.File.Create(selectedSongFullPath);
        TitleToBeChecked =

        if (TitleToBeChecked.Contains("-"))
            int hyphenIndex = TitleToBeChecked.IndexOf("-");
            string title = TitleToBeChecked.Substring(hyphenIndex + 1).Trim();
            string contributingArtists = TitleToBeChecked.Substring(0,
            track.Tag.Title = title;
            string[] contributingArtistsArray = {contributingArtists};
            track.Tag.Performers = contributingArtistsArray;

Another question is, I find code that does not work when I try it,
containing :: and ->. Example:

TagLib::String <http://taglib.github.io/api/classTagLib_1_1String.html>
album = g.tag()->album(); // album == "NYC Ghosts & Flowers";

Any help would very much be appreciated.

Kind regards.
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