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I'm new bee. I’m working with Qt for making a music player.

For reading the metadata of mp3 files I found this library is quite useful.

But I’m experiencing problem because of my lack of knowledge on how to install ‘TagLib’.

I compiled using CMake Gui tool in Windows8. I got the binary in a folder. But now, according to the install help file I found: 

“CMake will create a Visual Studio solution, taglib.sln that you can pen andbuild as normal.  ”

My Visual studio is VS2012 for Win8. So, When I open the taglib.sln with that it says “this library is not compatible with this version” How should I proceed now?

I want the taglib to be included in my Qt Application, there should not be any issues while distributing/deploying my music player application. How could I do this?

I guess I should compile this library statically so that It can be accessed when bundled with my app. Am I correct?


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