Getting started with taglib in Xcode

Søren Krogh Neigaard soeren at
Tue Oct 29 22:31:20 UTC 2013


I am new here and I would like to try and use taglib for a OS X project 
in Xcode. I have cloned the latest git repository and build with 
cmake/make and the following parameters:


This all seems good I think, but now I dont know how to use this in my 
Xcode project, and hope you can get me up and running.

I have added the libtag.a to my project, but it says I have to "add
the include folder to the project's User Header Search Paths" but I do 
not know what this means. Do I simply point the "User Header Search 
Paths" to the full path to the include dir? And will this also work when 
my build app is moved to another Mac without this include dir or do I 
have to add this dir with all its content to my project also?

Thank you

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