Can TagLib2.0 require C++11 or Boost?

Tsuda Kageyu tsuda.kageyu at
Sun Nov 17 23:20:37 UTC 2013

Hi guys.

I'm thinking about making changes that requires at least one of C++11 or 
Boost Smart Pointers to TagLib 2.0. 

Currently, TagLib2 has self-implemented smart pointers when neither 
std::shared_ptr nor boost::shared_ptr is available. I will remove it to 
make TagLib more robust (and hopefully more efficient) by leaving all 
the atomic operations for reference counting to the standard library or 
Boost, but it also means to abandon some old compilers that Boost 
doesn't support.

So I'd like to ask you what kind of compilers are you using to build 
TagLib. Is somebody using the compilers which are not supported by 

This change only affects the users who builds TagLib themselves. It 
doesn't affect the people who uses TagLib as a package.


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