TagLib for Windows, step by step...

Nouvelle Collection nouvellecollection at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 21:41:28 UTC 2013

I use TagLib for the first time, and I am a bit stuck with how to use it
with Visual C++  (win32)  or CodeBlocks or any other compiler / environment.
Would someone have a "step by step" procedure?

I have installed cmake, and I ran "cmake" in the TagLib folder, but then,
what do I have to do for :
* letting Visual C++ know where to find the library? Which file is the
"library file" of taglib? Where do I need to put it?
* letting Visual C++ know where to find the headers => do I need to modify
some PATH variable? Where? in order that Visual C++ can find the right .h
files related to TagLib?

(PS: when I try to open examples/tagreader.cpp  and compile it, I got an
error : "unable to find fileref.h"... => this tells me that VC++ cannot
find taglib's  .h files... How to solve this?)

Thanks in advance, bkej
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