Cannot compile Taglib for x86 with MSVC2010

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Thu Jun 21 14:26:52 UTC 2012

Awesome, Brett!
It's indeed working after some corrections related to the zlib path and the taglib name of the debug version.
Now I should be able to do some more serious work ;)


Cyril APAN.

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I wrote the attached script to build static lib taglib libraries. Maybe it could be of help to you?
Needs to be renamed from .txt to .cmd, it was renamed to help prevent AV scanners getting upset.
Builds release zlib then taglib x86 and x64.
Uses Cmake to generate the project files and sets the build environment based on finding default paths for 32bit or 64bit Visual Studio 2010 compilers, also auto detects Windows x86 versus x64.
Folder structure:
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Subject: Cannot compile Taglib for x86 with MSVC2010
Hi everybody,
I'm trying to compile Taglib 1.7.2 on my Windows 7 x64 with MSVC 2010 SP1.
I've successfully done it for the x64 target, but I got the following error when doing the same for the x86 target:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _uncompress referenced in function "protected: class TagLib::ByteVector __thiscall TagLib::ID3v2::Frame::fieldData(class TagLib::ByteVector const &)const " (?fieldData at Frame@ID3v2 at TagLib@@IBE?AVByteVector at 3@ABV43@@Z)    F:\Downloads\Code\taglib\vstudio\x86\taglib\id3v2frame.obj
I configured both targets on separate folders with CMake (taglib\vstudio\x86\ and taglib\vstudio\x64\) with Zlib enabled and configured correctly.
The issue shouldn't be coming from Zlib as I can compile LibPng with it on both targets without problem.
I'm just selecting Release and then Build. Anybody has an idea?
Cyril APAN.
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