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Christian Convey christian.convey at
Sun Jul 15 14:56:12 UTC 2012

Thanks.  But this is actually a podcast run by someone else:,,2548,00.html

So actually fixing the problem is outside of my power.  What I'd like
to do is research the problem with their mp3 files carefully, so that
I can tell them precisely with the problem is.

(For example, "Your mp3 tagging software is claiming that the text is
encoded using UTF-8, but it's actually UTF-16.")

On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 10:52 AM, Антон Сергунов <setosha at> wrote:
> Most common id3 encoding problem is using local 8bit win encoding in Latin1
> fields. You can use special Latin1 handler or (better works for me) if
> string is in Latin1 convert it to local 8 bit windows encoding.
> 15.07.2012 21:35 пользователь "Christian Convey"
> <christian.convey at> написал:
>> I'm new to ID3 tag handling.  Can you tell me if taglib can be used to
>> solve a particular problem?
>> I have MP3 files frm a podcast, and I suspect that there's an
>> inconsistency between the actual encoding of the ID3v2.2 Title field,
>> and the byte that states what encoding is used for that string.
>> Can taglib tell me which encoding the file *claims* to have for that
>> field?
>> And can I get taglib to give me the bytes in the ID3v2.2 Title field
>> *without* taglib automatically performing some kind of
>> character-encoding translation?
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