TagLib 1.8 BETA Released

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 20:37:03 UTC 2012

I've just released a beta version of TagLib 1.8. This version includes
all features that have been in git master, some of them are over a
year old. Because there are many new APIs, I'd decided to release a
beta version first. The code is already being used in production by
many people, so I believe there shouldn't be any serious bugs, but in
case you find any or you would like some of the new APIs
changed/extended, please file a bug report at

(There are some problems with the API documentation on the website,
please use "make docs" in the source directory to view the API docs
for now.)




 * New API for accessing tags by name.
 * New abstract I/O stream layer to allow custom I/O handlers.
 * Support for writing ID3v2.3 tags.
 * Support for various module file formats (MOD, S3M, IT, XM).
 * Support for MP4 and ASF is now enabled by default.
 * Started using atomic int operations for reference counting.
 * Added methods for checking if WMA and MP4 files are DRM-protected.
 * Added taglib_free to the C bindings.
 * New method to allow removing pictures from FLAC files.
 * Support for reading audio properties from ALAC and Musepack SV8 files.
 * Added replay-gain information to Musepack audio properties.
 * Support for APEv2 binary tags.
 * Many AudioProperties subclasses now provide information about the
total number of samples.
 * Various small bug fixes.


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