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patrick machielse patrick at hieper.nl
Wed Sep 28 14:53:14 UTC 2011

Op 25 aug. 2011, om 01:40 heeft Scott Wheeler het volgende geschreven:

> No, I didn't mean with writing multiple tags -- more what I was getting at is that very few programs write ID3v2 tags to WAV RIFF chunks.  In fact, those are the only two programs that I know that do such.  And one of them is already using TagLib, which can read either "ID3 " or "id3 " -- so what'd be interesting to figure out first is if (a) Serato can read the TagLib default and (b) if not, if it'd make sense to switch the TagLib default since it can read either format.

My tester tells me that:

- TagLib can find and update wav tags created by Serato
- Serato does not recognize tags that were initially written by TagLib

Therefore I think it would make sense to have TagLib write out a 'id3 ' chunk by default, instead of 'ID3 ' (if there is no collision with other third party software).

Traktor seems to only write metadata in the LIST/INFO chunk. At this moment I've sublcassed TagLib::RIFF::WAV::File to access this data, and I've written a small routine to (crudely) parse name / artist / comment information from it.

Is there code elsewhere in TagLib that I could use for parsing (and updating…) the LIST/INFO chunk data?

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