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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. If not, can 
someone please point me to the right place?

I'm using taglib 1.7 (I started a few weeks back with 1.6.3) to develop an 
application that can write ID3 tags. I found it pretty easy to use apart from 
one thing.

When using TagLib::ID3v2::Tag: the documentation says the following about 
virtual void TagLib::ID3v2::Tag::setAlbum     (     const String &      s     
 )      [virtual]

Sets the album to s. If s is String::null then this value will be cleared. 

I've found however that passing TagLib::String::null does not clear the tag.

The following is an exttract of teh code I'm using:

MPEG::File f([theFileUTF8String]);
ID3v2::Tag *mp3Tag = f.ID3v2Tag();

if (mp3Tag) {

mp3Tag->setAlbum([Album length] == 0 ? String::null : [Album 
bool result = f.save();
    if (result = NO) {
        NSLog(@"tag did not save");
    }else {
        NSLog(@"tag did save");

According to the logging the tag did save successfully, however upon reading the 
tag again the album field is still set to the old value before submitting 
String::null. I also changed the code to log whether the Album length is 
detected as 0 and whether String::null is indeed submitted and it is. I haven't 
tried this with all the set methods but found the same when using setComment. 
For setComment I even tried adding mp3Tag->removeFrames("COMM"); which should 
remove all comment frames. I then used setComment(String::null) afterwards but 
was still present and had the old value;

I'm doing this on MAC OS X using xcode. Can any body please advise where I'm 
going wrong? I found this while using taglib 1.6.3 and then downloaded 1.7 in 
the hope that it would resolve the issue;

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