TagLib 1.7 released

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 19:08:08 CET 2011

TagLib 1.7 has been released. This release adds support for Monkey’s
Audio files and cover art reading/writing for WMA and FLAC files.
There is also a number of bug fixes, more details in the changelog.
There are two important changes associated with this release:

1. Removed autoconf/automake support — If you used ./configure && make
to build TagLib, you will have to switch to the CMake-based build
system. The INSTALL file has been updated with instruction on how to
build TagLib using CMake.

2. Source code moved to GitHub — TagLib’s source code is now hosted in
a Git repository on GitHub. The KDE SVN repository will stay available
for some time, to not break anything, as the decision about the
migration has been done very quickly, but it will not get any updates
and will get removed in near future.


 - http://developer.kde.org/~wheeler/files/src/taglib-1.7.tar.gz (will
be available soon)
 - https://github.com/downloads/taglib/taglib/taglib-1.7.tar.gz

Full changelog since version 1.6:

 - Support for reading/writing tags from Monkey’s Audio files. (BUG:210404)
 - Support for reading/writing embedded pictures from WMA files.
 - Support for reading/writing embedded pictures from FLAC files (BUG:218696).
 - Implemented APE::Tag::isEmpty() to check for all APE tags, not just
the basic ones.
 - Added reading of WAV audio length. (BUG:116033)
 - Exposed FLAC MD5 signature of the uncompressed audio stream via
FLAC::Properties::signature(). (BUG:160172)
 - Added function ByteVector::toHex() for hex-encoding of byte vectors.
 - WavPack reader now tries to get the audio length by finding the
final block, if the header doesn’t have the information. (BUG:258016)
 - Fixed a memory leak in the ID3v2.2 PIC frame parser. (BUG:257007)
 - Fixed writing of RIFF files with even chunk sizes. (BUG:243954)
 - Fixed compilation on MSVC 2010.
 - Removed support for building using autoconf/automake.
 - API docs can be now built using “make docs”.
 - Fixed bitrate calculation for WAV files.

Changes since the 1.7 RC can be found in the NEWS file.


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