Switching to Git

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 22:25:12 CET 2011

To make it easier for people to work on features in TagLib, it was
clear that we should move to a DVCS. I'm not really a Git fan, but
most larger TagLib contributors seem to like Git, so it seems like the
best choice. I've done an initial migration of the SVN repository to
Git using the account information from
and the result is on GitHub:


If anybody sees anything wrong with the repository, please let me
know. I'll probably still mess with the repository this weekend, so
please do not actually use it for now, but starting from the next
week, this will be the official location for TagLib's development.
I'll still merge commits from SVN if they happen, but commits from Git
will not be merged back to the KDE SVN repo.

I hope this will help with managing various patches against TagLib,
maybe even start moving towards 2.0. :)


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