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Media Player Classic a major media player on the Windows platform refers =
alac as .alac for its extension association:

A random site claiming what Windows apps support ".alac" files.

Synidcated file extension sites say "Sometimes have Apple Lossless Audio
Codec audio files file extension ALAC, but the native file extension is

I think way back at the very start of 3rd party alac support some files =
getting named .alac, I cant find any reference to current applications
creating .alac files.
I wouldn't suggest there is a huge amount of them in the wild, but .alac
files do exist :)

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2011/6/12 Brett Hoyle <kickbits at>:
> ALAC files at some time used the file extension ".alac" I think it=20
> would be best if fileref.cpp allows a mp4 file to have the extension

Hm, which applications use that extension?

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