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after struggling to get libtag working on other machine other than mine i am now seeing a lot of warnings when compiling taglib as framework (this was the only way i could get it work on other machine, i could never figure out how to use the dylib because it always tried to load from /ur/local/)

the warning is:
/Users/nonnus/Desktop/Beat Tagger/taglib/taglib-src/taglib/toolkit/tstring.cpp:750: warning: implicit conversion shortens 64-bit value into a 32-bit value

and usually on code like:

int bufferSize = d->data.size() + 1;

int newSize = target != targetBuffer ? target - targetBuffer - 1 : 0;

d->bitrate = d->length > 0 ? ((d->streamLength * 8L) / d->length) / 1000 : 0;

what can be donw about this ?
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