Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 12:50:27 CET 2011

SVN commit 1220235 by lalinsky:


I've warned people about removing autoconf/automake support for a long time,
so let's make it happen for 1.7. CMake is now the only supported build system.
I'll update build docs in a following commit.

CCMAIL:taglib-devel at kde.org

 D             Makefile.am  
 D             Makefile.cvs  
 D             admin (directory)  
 D             bindings/Makefile.am  
 D             bindings/c/Makefile.am  
 D             bindings/c/configure.in.in  
 D             bindings/c/taglib_c.pc.in  
 D             configure.in.bot  
 D             configure.in.in  
 D             examples/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib-config.in  
 D             taglib.pc.in  
 D             taglib/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/ape/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/asf/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/flac/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/mp4/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/mpc/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/mpeg/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/mpeg/id3v1/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/mpeg/id3v2/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/mpeg/id3v2/frames/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/ogg/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/ogg/flac/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/ogg/speex/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/ogg/vorbis/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/riff/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/riff/aiff/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/riff/wav/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/taglib_config.h.in  
 D             taglib/toolkit/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/trueaudio/Makefile.am  
 D             taglib/wavpack/Makefile.am  
 D             tests/Makefile.am  

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