memory leak using TagLib dll with C++ MFC project

Kris Gustafson kris3927gus at
Mon Nov 29 00:41:17 CET 2010

Some time ago I  mentioned two problems I experienced using TagLib. The
problem about missing UNICODE methods was quickly solved by this forum (do
NOT treat wchar_t as a built-in type!), but the second problem, a memory
leak remained.  After considerable frustration trying to track to source of
the memory leak, I decided to simply compile TagLib as part of my MFC
project.  Memory leak vanished. I did need to add "#include "stdafx.h" in
about a hundred different header files, but after that all the pain went
away.  I assume something in the project was preventing proper use of the
DLL (or even static LIB), but I don't know the reason.


Just in case, I didn't want to leave anyone hanging about a possible memory
leak in the TagLib code.


Best regards,

K. Gustafson

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