stripping tags from FLAC

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at
Wed Mar 17 07:45:00 CET 2010

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 7:03 AM, Anthony Liu <quadamage at> wrote:
> Hi, I edited the modified wma files with Mp3Tag, these attributes were
> existing and empty.
> After I used Mp3Tag to remove the asf tag, these attributes were no longer
> existing.
> It is not a problem, I am just curious about it.

Now I'm curious too. I'm really not sure what Mp3tag does.

> BTW, as someone mentioned a few days ago, I can not use Taglib to write
> cover art attribute whose size is over 65536.
> Recently, I used Taglib to do some tests to read/write the cover art fields
> of various audio tags,
> it worked well with the id3v2, mp4 and ape tags and have some problems with
> the "WM/Picture" attribute.

Correct, this is not implemented yet. Can you please file a bug report
on about it?

> It is likely that Taglib does not support to read/write the
> METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE  of the flac and vorbis files,
> do you have a plan to add these features?

Note that this is only an issue for FLAC. Cover art in FLAC files is
stored in a separate block type METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE. On the other
hand, Vorbis Comments store cover art in a vorbis comment named
"METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE" (according to the latest recommendation),
which is something you already can do.

Lukas Lalinsky
lalinsky at

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