Creating iTunes compatible COMM frames

patrick machielse patrick at
Tue Jan 26 22:42:20 CET 2010

Op 22 dec 2009, om 23:03 heeft patrick machielse het volgende geschreven:

> It turns out that new comment frames by default do not have a language set, and TagLib writes out 'XXX' in place of the 3-character language code:
> //  commentsframe.cpp
> ByteVector CommentsFrame::renderFields() const
> {
>    //...
>    v.append(d->language.size() == 3 ? d->language : "XXX");
> The ID3V2.4 spec says it should be an ISO 639-2 code. "XXX" isn't valid.

Is this a bug in TagLib? I can't find a response to my original message in the list archives.

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