Unicode FileRef Instantiation

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Mon Jan 25 06:31:48 CET 2010

On Jan 25, 2010, at 3:08 AM, Zach Rattner wrote:

> The issue I'm encountering is best illustrated as follows:
> TagLib::FileRef File(p_FilePath.toStdString().c_str()); // Compiles  
> and works, but breaks down if filename has non-ASCII characters
> TagLib::FileRef File(p_FilePath.toStdWString());        // Doesn't  
> compile
> The Qt documentation of toStdWString can be found at the following  
> address: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.6/qstring.html#toStdWString

That's wrong, and will break with any system API.  The right call is  



TagLib::FileRef File(QFile::encodeName(p_FilePath).data());


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