WMA file TagLib::ID3v2::TextIdentificationFrame

Prasada Vontipenta prasada at autonomic-controls.com
Mon Dec 27 04:42:25 CET 2010

I'm new to the mailing list, and am trying to use the TagLib for
reading multiple types of music files.

I'm trying to read from the .wma files using the following code, but
frameList is always empty despite getting a valid Tag.

Any ideas what went wrong while using TagLib 1.6.3.

TagLib::RIFF::WAV::File ff ( fpath );  // fpath is a valid .wma file path
if ( ff.isValid() )
   TagLib:ID3v2:Tag *id3v2tag == ff.tag();
   if (idv2tag)
       TagLib::ID3v2::FrameList frameList = id3v2tag->frameList();
       if ( ! frameList.isEmpty())
           cout<< frameList.front()->toString().toCString(true) <<endl;

Thanks & Regards
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