Xing and Fraunhofer VBRI

Jim jmartin92 at
Tue Dec 21 22:08:14 CET 2010

Hi James.

I managed to take a look at the file you made available.  Unfortunately I wasn't 
able to correct the zero length/bitrate problem.  I was able to get TagLib to 
read the file properly.  (It was originally falsely detecting the beginning of a 
frame but that was easy to fix.)

However, that file has a bad Xing header.  Or rather, the Xing header is valid 
but the values that it contains seem impossible.  The reason you are getting a 
bad file length is because the Xing header says there is only one frame in the 
entire file.  So 1 frame at 44100 Hz sample rate would mean less than one second 
in length.  I am not sure if this is the cause for the other files you have.


On 12/10/2010 9:58 AM, James O. wrote:
> Jim,
> Here is an MP3 that causes the issues described (zero length). It seems odd to
> me that other tracks in the same album (I would assume the same encoding run) do
> not exhibit similar issues.
> This band is defunct and the albums was released as a free MP3 download. Should
> have no copyright issues.
> Thanks for looking into this. If I'm not mistaken a number of Linux media
> players use TagLib at their core. I wonder if they have seen similar problems?
> James
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