Xing and Fraunhofer VBRI

Jim jmartin92 at
Thu Dec 9 23:12:43 CET 2010

Tom Kleinpeter wrote:
> Can you search the file for the string VBRI? 
> has 
> details about VBRI headers, and they start with that string.
> I also have a few files from users that get 0 length & 0 bitrate, but 
> valid values for sampleRate and channels.  The only interesting thing 
> I've noticed in my case is the protectionEnabled bit is set to true, but 
> perhaps that happens for all files.  I'd also be happy to send a test 
> file somewhere if someone would like to take a look at it.  
> Thanks,
> Tom
> On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 10:51 AM, James O. <houndeyex at 
> <mailto:houndeyex at>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I posted a bit earlier about TagLib and TagLibSharp. The rest of the
>     details are in the Stack Overflow question mentioned earlier.
>     One answerer pointed out that a primary difference in TagLibSharp is
>     that it supports Fraunhofer VBRI headers. I'm not sure if this is
>     actually my issue, but I was curious if there is any intention to
>     support this header type or if there is some kind of legal/patent
>     issue preventing it.
>     Thanks,
>     James

Hi Tom & James:

I think one or two sample files from each of you would be very helpful assuming 
there wouldn't be any copyright problems with making them available.


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