Wrong (?) bitrate for wav files

Nicolas Wack nicolas.wack at upf.edu
Wed Apr 7 17:41:36 CEST 2010


This is mostly nit-picking at this point, and I get as confused as everyone 
with the kilo/kibibyte thing, but for coherency's sake I think there is a bug 
in the way TagLib returns the bitrate for for wav files:

a stereo wav file will have a bitrate of 1378 instead of 1411, because TagLib 
takes the number of bits (1,411,200) and returns that divided by 1024 (see 

However,  AFAIK the other formats in TagLib (ie, mp3, mp4, etc...) return the 
number of bits/s divided by 1000, to have a result in kilobit/s instead of 

It also seems the "standard" unit for audio bitrates is the kilo (1000) 
instead of the kibi (1024), see for instance:

So I would propose that wavproperties.cpp be changed to behave the same way as 
the other tag types.


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