TagLib 1.6

Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 17:14:17 CEST 2009


TagLib 1.6 is released. This release includes support for four new
file formats - ASF, MP4, AIFF, WAV, new ID4v2.4 frames - POPM and
PRIV, and a number of bug fixes.

I'm not sure if Scott has time to update his page, so I've created a
_temporary_ page for TagLib 1.6 where you can find
download/documentation links and change log --

As I said in the 1.6 RC announce email, this is the last release in
1.x series. The next release will be 2.0, which will include
incompatible changes. I'll send a separate mail regarding 2.0
development later.

Source code


Changes since version 1.5


 * New CMake option to build a static version - ENABLE_STATIC.
 * Added support for disabling dllimport/dllexport on Windows using the
 * Support for parsing the obsolete 'gnre' MP4 atom.
 * New cpp macros TAGLIB_WITH_MP4 and TAGLIB_WITH_ASF to determin if
   TagLib was built with MP4/ASF support.

1.6 RC1:

 * Split Ogg packets larger than 64k into multiple pages. (BUG:171957)
 * TagLib can now use FLAC padding block. (BUG:107659)
 * ID3v2.2 frames are now not incorrectly saved. (BUG:176373)
 * Support for ID3v2.2 PIC frames. (BUG:167786)
 * Fixed a bug in ByteVectorList::split().
 * XiphComment::year() now falls back to YEAR if DATE doesn't exist
   and XiphComment::year() falls back to TRACKNUM if TRACKNUMBER doesn't
   exist. (BUG:144396)
 * Improved ID3v2.3 genre parsing. (BUG:188578)
 * Better checking of corrupted ID3v2 APIC data. (BUG:168382)
 * Bitrate calculating using the Xing header now uses floating point
   numbers. (BUG:172556)
 * New TagLib::String method rfind().
 * Added support for MP4 file format with iTunes-style metadata [optional].
 * Added support for ASF (WMA) file format [optional].
 * Fixed crash when saving a Locator APEv2 tag. (BUG:169810)
 * Fixed a possible crash in the non-const version of String::operator[]
   and in String::operator+=. (BUG:169389)
 * Added support for PRIV ID3v2 frames.
 * Empty ID3v2 genres are no longer treated as numeric ID3v1 genres.
 * Added support for the POPM (rating/playcount) ID3v2 frame.
 * Generic RIFF file format support:
   * Support for AIFF files with ID3v2 tags.
   * Support for WAV files with ID3v2 tags.
 * Fixed crash on handling unsupported ID3v2 frames, e.g. on encrypted
   frames. (BUG:161721)
 * Fixed overflow while calculating bitrate of FLAC files with a very
   high bitrate.

Lukas Lalinsky
lalinsky at gmail.com

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