M4A genre parsing in TagLib 1.6

patrick machielse patrick at hieper.nl
Thu Oct 29 18:13:21 CET 2009

Op 29 okt 2009, om 16:38 heeft Lukáš Lalinský het volgende geschreven:

> On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 4:11 PM, patrick machielse  
> <patrick at hieper.nl> wrote:
>> I have noticed that the String returned for genre() is consistently
>> different (wrong) for _some_ genres. For example:
>> iTunes 'Alternative' => TagLib reads 'Ska'
>> iTunes 'Ska' => TagLib reads 'Death Metal'
>> However, on genres such as 'Alternative & Punk' and 'Classical'  
>> iTunes
>> and TagLib are in complete agreement...
> No, it isn't a known issue. There are two ways to store genre in MP4
> files, as text or as ID3v1 genre number. The textual ones are read
> correctly, the problem is with the numeric ones. ID3v1 indexes them
> from 0, MP4 apparently from 1. The code currently assumes they are
> indexed from 0 and incorrectly looks them in the the ID3v1 genre
> table.

Thanks for this information.

What is the current status of m4a support beyond the abstract Tag  
interface -- if any?. I have been looking at Items returned by  
MP4::Tag::itemListMap(), and I found useful nuggets of information  
like 'cpil' and 'tmpo', but for my application I really need access to  
the album art atom 'covr'. So far it seems TagLib cannot find that  
atom, and it seems that MP4::Item has no support for binary data --  
which figures.

Should I file bug reports / feature requests for these issues?

Patrick Machielse
Hieper Software

info at hieper.nl

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