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Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Sat Oct 10 16:41:23 CEST 2009

Scott Wheeler wrote:
>> Btw, no, it should not include from ../includes. The "includes"
>> directory is a kde-specific hack which I'd like to remove.
> Incidentally, I agree.  I wasn't thrilled about those being added.   
> Perhaps they could just be removed when building the tarballs; the  
> idea there basically is that they were added so that Amarok / TagLib- 
> extras can include things directly from the svn tree without requiring  
> TagLib to have first been installed.

As the README says:

"These are only necessary at build-time when building the entire
kdesupport module; they do not need to be installed on a running system."

When TagLib-Extras got moved to kdesupport, it introduced a dependency
problem when building the entire kdesupport module. If the system was
fresh and the TagLib includes weren't installed yet, building kdesupport
would break because TagLib-Extras would try to find the installed TagLib
includes and would fail. It got moved there in the first place because
distros complained about packaging something that lived in playground.
Apparently the same code, when in playground, is less stable or
trustworthy than when it's copied into kdesupport. No joke.

Anyways, this can change soon; either if/when the TagLib development
moves out of KDE SVN, or otherwise we can find another place for
TagLib-Extras now that most of the formats are in released TagLib.


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