Album Art using Taglib

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Nov 26 10:17:31 CET 2009

On Nov 26, 2009, at 6:59 AM, pranay prateek wrote:

> Hi all
> I am trying to use TagLib to extract album art from audio files. I  
> am building this app for WINCE 6.0 using c++ and Visual Studio 2005  
> IDE. [...]

I just ran your code on a couple hundred files and it worked fine.   
 From what I can tell there are one of two possibilities:

- This is a misconfiguration in your compiler / tool-chain, which you  
probably won't get much help with here since the overwhelming majority  
of the people on this list work on Linux or Mac.

- You've run into some files which are triggering taglib bugs.  If  
you've got one file that always crashes taglib, feel free to send it  
to me privately and I'll see if I can reproduce the issue.


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