About ID3 and its different versions support by TagLib

Joel Lopes Da Silva joel at lopes-da-silva.com
Wed Jan 21 09:46:12 CET 2009

Hello everyone!

I have a quite simple question about the different versions of ID3  
standard: I know that TagLib supports ID3v1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and  
ID3v2.4 (cf. http://developer.kde.org/~wheeler/taglib-old.html), but  
how does it deal with that?

The problem is: let's say I open an MP3 file like in the example files  
of TagLib source, with FileRef constructor; let's also say this MP3  
file has ID3v1 tag only (or ID3v2.3 tag only, or even both of them),  
which is fine for the moment since all tags are short and only use  
Latin9 for instance; let's say that I use fileRef.tag()->setTitle("a  
UTF-8 encoded string with"); what will TagLib do? Will TagLib drop all  
tags and convert them to ID3v2.4 in order to use the version of the  
standard which works well with Unicode? Or is there some other  

Another question: should I want to manually delete the tags of an MP3  
file, like with CLI tools such as `id3v2`, what method should I use? I  
found strip(int) here: http://developer.kde.org/~wheeler/taglib/api/classTagLib_1_1MPEG_1_1File.html 
. Did I understand well what this method does? And is there any reason  
why I should use this method, or does TagLib just takes care of  
everything for me?

Sorry for all these questions...

Joel Lopes Da Silva

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