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Thu Nov 13 21:06:58 CET 2008

Just as a sidenote,  Taglib calls itself the "tag" project in its
CMakeLists.txt, so the correct approach is:

target_link_libraries (Bar1 ... tag)

and CMake properly picks up the library dependency - I still haven't figured
out a clean way of getting the include directories to work properly (outside
of actually mimicing the taglib installed include directory)


On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Vitali Lovich <vlovich at> wrote:

> The only problem is that taglib assumes that all the header files are
> present in a single directory, and I'm not sure how to get it to either pick
> up the ones the source is using - it's kind of messy duplicating all those
> includes in the other project.  Currently, I'm just copying all the headers
> into a single directory like taglib does when it installs.  Anyone have a
> better suggestion?
> On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 11:52 PM, Yogesh Marwaha <yogeshm.007 at>wrote:
>> If you have included taglib sources into your project, following should be
>> enough
>> target_link_libraries (Bar1 ... taglib) [in Bar1/CMakeLists.txt]
>> this should take into account your local taglib sources and add a
>> dependency
>> Btw I'm just a beginner with cmake and using
>> you may get
>> better/technically sound answers
>> Regards,
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